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One of the big spenders in marketing (particularly in the USA) are the political parties. Political campaigns understand that they cannot change the minds of people with strong views: committed Republicans will not vote Democrat or people who strongly support Brexit will not suddenly be converted to being fans of the EU.

Instead, political campaigns concentrate on getting their supporters to vote or persuading who are undecided to vote for their candidate.

When we’re selling products in e-commerce it’s worth taking the same approach. It is incredibly difficult to persuade consumers to change their world views – especially if the world view is wrong!

Our focus as marketers should be to:

  1. To get people who have decided to buy our product to overcome their inertia and actually get round to buying.
  2. Persuade people who believe in the concept of our product to choose ours.

Generally when people tell me that they think conventional wisdom is wrong, I get very concerned. Because they have suddenly given themselves the jobs of overturning conventional wisdom and then selling their product.

Changing world views is a very, very difficult task. In marketing we should be taking the easier routes.

For more about world views read our Behavior and Framing training.

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