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Welcome to the Joy of Marketing Podcast for ambitious ecommerce stores

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Welcome to the Joy of Marketing hosted by me, Andrew Veitch.

I’ve been the founder of several ecommerce businesses. We started off working from home with a $19 logo and a free WordPress template then built the businesses up to employing hundreds of people and recruited more than one million ecommerce customers.

I’ve also been lucky enough to invest in some very successful direct to consumer businesses which has given me the chance to see other routes to success.

I’m now running Machine Labs, we do a marketing app for ecommerce stores to help you sell more.

On this podcast I’ll be talking about what works and what doesn’t to help make your ecommerce store even more of a success than already is.

Every week I’ll be joined by an ecommerce marketing expert who’ll share the lessons they’ve learned. We’ll be covering paid advertising, SEO, social, the business side and cool technologies.

It’s free to listen on any podcast app or your smart speaker. If you want to find out more about us search Machine Labs.

I’m really excited about some of the guests we’ve got lined up for you on the Joy of Marketing.

Listen here, in your podcast app or ask your smart speaker to “Play Machine Lab’s Joy of Marketing podcast”.

Presenter: Andrew Veitch
Producer: James Marriott
Artwork: George Lodwick

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