My favorite subject line: July

I get a lot of marketing emails. Usually too many, and then I end up unsubscribing or just deleting the email without actually reading it. For the most part, a lot of the marketing emails I receive are pretty unremarkable to me these days. But every now and then, I come across the odd email that makes me chuckle inside and think “Nice, that’s actually pretty good.”  

As helpful as it is to give advice on how to improve or succeed with email marketing, sometimes you just need some straight up good examples. Here’s my favorite one from last month:

Goodbye, free gift…


Before I continue, here’s a quick summary of how I came to receive this email: I went onto the brand’s website, popped some things into my basket, qualified for the awesome free gift, chose my SEVEN freebies that would come with the order, got distracted and abandoned my cart. 

The day after, I received an email with the aforementioned subject line. I read the subject line and immediately thought “I like this. I like this a lot.” And here are a few reasons why:

  1. It brought to my attention that I was going to miss out on something, but the subject line didn’t sound too pushy or desperate for a sale. 
  1. It tapped into FOMO (fear of missing out- this is a real thing, by the way), in a way that I’d never quite experienced from a marketing email before. The approach was… well, quite sassy, but in the best way possible. Sometimes those countdowns get a little boring. The “ONLY 2  DAYS LEFT TO CLAIM YOUR FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE” countdowns – I’m sure we’ve all received multiple emails like that in our time. 
  1. The message in the body of the email was just as simple as the subject line. The approach was very relaxed at recovering my abandoned cart and I didn’t feel pressured to complete my purchase. It put across their intended message clearly which was basically “Look, you qualified for the gift with purchase, no code required, the promo ends soon, come back to your cart if you don’t want to miss out.”

Granted, many people won’t read into this slightly cheeky subject line as much as I have, but all this time working with email marketing software has made me appreciate a good subject line more. Especially one where the intention is clear but also has a light-heartedness about it. 

There’s nothing overly mind-blowing about the word choice or the message it conveys. It’s actually very simple but, in my opinion, that’s what made it so effective and appealing. 
Result? I’m going to be completing my purchase and not saying goodbye to those seven generous free gifts that come with it. Ren, you’ve got me hooked!

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