Free Email Marketing Audits

Do your database marketing efforts meet your business goals?

Assess your email marketing strategy, identify areas of improvement and increase your email marketing ROI with our free 30 minute audit.

Free Email Marketing Audits

What is an email marketing audit?

An email marketing audit is a deep analysis of your existing email marketing strategy. It examines your campaign content – from subject lines and copy to call-to-actions, use of imagery and layout – your work flows, subscriber list, customer segmentation, device optimization, outreach frequency, and crucially, your overall email marketing performance.

Our mini audit is a 30 minute 1-to-1 with a fellow marketer, designed to provide external professional advice and practical tips for improvement.

What is the aim?

Our aim is to help you enhance the quality of your customer communications, monitor your email marketing efficiency in terms of ROI, open rates and click through rates, and increase your deliverability rates, ensuring each email is reaching the right inbox.

Together, we’ll take a look at your current email marketing efforts and get you thinking about how to contact the right customers, at the right time, with the right message.

How can I prepare for the audit?

Your email marketing audit will hone in on any area that you’d like to discuss. This could be specific, dealing with concerns such as low open rates and high unsubscribe rates, or perhaps you’d just like some constructive feedback on your general email marketing strategy.

If you’re unsure of how to get the most out of your 30 minute email marketing audit, why not take a moment to consider your responses to these questions:

  • Do you have a documented email marketing strategy? Or an email marketing schedule?
  • What is the frequency of your customer communications? Do all of your contacts receive emails at the same time, or is this unique to their time zone and reading habits?
  • Are you gently reminding each contact that your store exists, or are you pestering them?
  • Is your email marketing manual, or do you deploy email automations to take care of the hard work for you?
  • Are your contacts given a warm welcome upon sign up?
  • If your contact forgets to check out, do you remind them of their abandoned cart?
  • Do your subject lines make your contacts want to read more?
  • Do your communications urge your contacts to take action? Is the call-to-action clear, with a specific and relevant url destination?
  • Are your communications adding value to each reader? And are your company values and branding being accurately conveyed?
  • Do your communications make your online store look enticing, with featured products from your live inventory?
  • Are your communications personalised and specific to make each contact feel special?
  • Are your subscriber lists effectively segmented, and could they be refined further?
  • Are your messages reaching the intended recipient?
  • Are your designs optimized for all devices and email clients?
  • What do your best performing email campaigns have in common?
  • Does your audience prefer more text and less imagery, or do the image-heavy campaigns perform better?
  • Are your email campaigns converting?
  • What percentage of your revenue is derived from your email marketing efforts?
  • What is your customer LTV?
  • How much can you afford to spend to recruit a new customer, whilst still making profit?