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Hey there, and Happy Friday!  It’s that time again – time to announce some of the exciting enhancements we’ve been working on at Machine Labs.  

Here’s what’s new:  

📦 6 New Product Reports – Start fully understanding your products, knowing which ones sell the most and the least, and which ones you should include in your communications to create the best relationships with your customers. We tell you which products are magnets (lead to more long term sales) and which products have the opposite effect (cause your customers to  never shop with you again).

Find out more from our Data Scientist Dr. Thomas Gambino, in the video below: 

Machine Labs Data Scientist Thomas Gambino delivering this month’s features update

📨 Order anniversary automation Often, the trigger to buy a product happens at the same time every year, like Mother’s Day, your best friend’s Birthday or the Holidays. We’ve created an automation that reminds your customers for you. You might use it as a subtle reminder to re-purchase or to express sentiment by celebrating when they first became a customer. This is a great way to show your customers that you appreciate them and intend to retain them.   

🍉 Recommended segments – In addition to our RFM segments, we’ve added more options to help you further refine your database in just a few clicks.

Target your customers based on their purchase and engagement behaviours:  

  • Segment according to customer engagement, based on how often your customers open your emails. You might like to send a great deal to a segment that only engages with an email when the subject line is a knockout offer they can’t resist.
  • Segment according to the status of leads. Use our Hot, Warm, Cold system that indicates how likely a prospective customer is going to convert to become an actual customer.
  • Segment according to the purchase behaviour of your existing customers. Perhaps you’d rather not email the customers that frequently ask for refunds, or maybe you need to pay special attention to those who’ve stopped ordering recently.

We’ve done all the hard work for you to save you time and gently point you in the direction of who you might need to contact more, or less. 

🗂 Contact details page – We’ve spent some time enhancing our contact pages to give you a full timeline of each contact’s email activity and order history. You’ll see which emails you sent to a specific customer, which ones they opened, when they clicked on a call-to-action and when they placed an order on your store. It’s all there in chronological order so if a customer contacts you referencing a specific email offer, you can quickly cross reference to see which offer they received.  

As always functionality and ease of use are our top priorities. 

Sign in to your account and give our new features a try – we’d love to know what you think!  

Alternatively book a demo if you’d like a 1 on 1 refresh of all our great features. 

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