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Contact the right customers, at the right time, with the right offer, at the right price.

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Analyse, Engage, Drive Sales

We’re here to make marketing easy and affordable by offering big machine learning at a small company price. With our powerful features and multi-channel monitoring, you can understand your customers and create meaningful relationships, find out what makes them tick and get them buying again, all under one roof.

Get Started Immediately

A 1-click integration with Shopify imports all your historic data: customer, order and product information, so you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Track Against Your Targets

Input your monthly sales target to track your conversions and see how each online and offline campaign contributes to the bottom line.

Use Intelligent Segmentation

We breakdown your mailing list to group together customers with similar order values and frequency, so you can attract the right customer with the right message and avoid giving out unnecessary discounts.

Send Better Emails

Make use of our clever design features, including previewing your emails on 10 devices to ensure your message falls into your customer’s inbox, looking how you’d want it to.

Generate Smarter Copy

Our AI powered Inspiration Tool writes original copy at the click of a button for you. Gone are the days of writer’s block: supercharge your communications with intelligent subject lines, preview text and email content to save time and sell more.

Nurture Your Relationships

From welcome emails to abandoned cart emails, win-back opportunities and order anniversary offers, use our pre-made automations or create custom ones, to send super targeted emails making your customers feel valued when it matters the most.

Become Metrics Driven

Understand which campaigns convert with real-time order analytics. Then delve into cohort analysis and customer lifetime value to determine how much you should spend on customer acquisition and retention.

Speak Your Language

Sell to customers all over the world. All of the pages seen by your customers to manage subscriptions or to complete surveys will be automatically translated into French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese or Spanish.

Email Builder

Stand out from the noise with beautiful emails

Black and white emails aren’t cutting it anymore. It’s time to make your message pop using our built-in library of 500,000+ royalty free images, GIFs, countdown timers and more.

Customize one of our many eye-catching templates, or get creative and make your own, all with an easy to use drag and drop email editor.

When you’re ready to hit send, or schedule your campaign for a later date, you can preview your message on up to 10 different devices and rest assured it’ll arrive looking just as you intended; all with better email deliverability to ensure your message actually gets seen.

Segment builder

Get on your customer’s wavelength with ultra personalized messages

Did you know that marketers who use segmented campaigns notice as much as a 760% increase in revenue? But that doesn’t mean you need to spend hours individually emailing each contact.

We use customer data to create ultra targeted segments, grouping prospects and customers together based on their engagement and buying patterns, so you can be sure you’re sending relevant emails to the right customers.

You can even make it personal with merge tags, like their name, geographical location or date of last purchase.

Workflow builder

Automate your marketing with advanced workflows

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were crushing your sales targets, and yet an intelligent machine was doing all the hard work for you?

Put your segmented database into a workflow and start automatically retargeting inactive customers, prompting your high spenders when it’s time to re-purchase, and so much more!

Just pre-schedule your workflows and let the database marketing take care of itself, whilst you focus on more exciting stuff like business innovation.


Unlike our competitors, we integrate with multiple Shopify stores at once allowing you to seamlessly toggle between each database marketing dashboard to see how all your stores are performing.

Shopify Plus

Coming soon:

Adobe Magento

What our customers say

  • Nostalgia Cases
    Incredible to find a competitor to the likes of Mailchimp and Klaviyo at a fraction of the cost. Especially in these testing times, it's hugely important for a small business likes our to be keeping an eye on costs and Machine Labs is incredible value for money. Support is second to none. Fantastic app, really happy I found it!
    Mark Boyd
    Nostalgia Cases
  • Gloh
    Machine Labs has completely transformed my email marketing! The app is so intuitive and the step-by-step prompts are incredibly simple — I had my first email campaign out within half an hour. It's so easy to move content boxes around, add in images and videos, and make sure the branding is all in line with your store. I can't go back to any other campaign manager now!
    Isobel Reid
  • 5
    The app is really intuitive. It's a very easy platform to navigate and it's so easy to get your campaign started in no time. The interface is very neat and the support team is also very attentive and reliable. I highly recommended Machine Labs!
    Yasser Ibrahim
  • Isle of Raasay Distillery
    Machine Labs has allowed us to understand which online and offline marketing campaigns are converting the best, all in one straightforward dashboard, and it’s been hugely valuable for us.
    Bill Dobbie
    Raasay Distillery
  • Flavourly
    Thanks to you guys we were able to show our investors just how valuable and loyal the Flavourly customers are. I loved the cohort analysis and we now understand our lifetime values.
    Assean Sheikh